Ryan Reynolds is back as deadpool, the role he was born to play. This is what a deadpool movie would look with a proper Marvel Budget, deadpool 1 got peanuts for its budget and showed in the movie. Change of Director was a big concern for many but when you have one half of John Wick Director duo(David Leitch) there was no need to worry. He definitely brought his style to deadpool as the action sequences were far better than the previous one.
Adding domino and specially Cable to mix was a refreshing change. Josh Brolin with his second big marvel release in 3 weeks(infinity war) knocked it out of the park and Domino seems like a character that can definitely have her own stand alone movie.
Ryan Reynolds as deadpool was on his usual best giving a performance which was not just witty and funny but emotional when it needed to be. Loved how the movie connected cable’s backstory with deadpool’s arc in this film.
No movie is ever perfect and this movie had its flaws too. There are many points on which deadpool 2 is better than deadpool 1 but one thing that it lacks in is the comedy. Many jokes are a miss on the first watch but better on the second.
For what it lacked in jokes DP2 made it up with its amazing soundtrack. The situational songs, it was divine comedy.
On the whole this movie gets a solid A-, as this movie holds up better than the first one and tells a better story with good Complex characters.
By the way do yourself a favour stay glued to your seats for the BEST POST-CREDIT SCENE EVER and thank me later.

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